A drive shaft is a most important part of a vehicle that transfers torque from the transmission to the differential, and then the differential delivers this torque to the front wheels to run the vehicle. The drive shaft is also known as a Cardan shaft, propeller shaft, or prop shaft.
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The flange uses to link the propeller shaft with the differential, transfer case, and transmission. These also use to link the propeller shafts with the hydraulic pumps, power take-offs, and many other components of the vehicle.

End Yoke

The end yoke uses to ensure the durability and accuracy of the prop shaft.The main purpose of end yoke is to decrease the vibration and noise during the vehicle acceleration. In this way, it ensures comfortable driving.

Center Bearing

The center bearing uses to link the two parts of the propeller shaft. In this way, the center bearing ensures the exact position of the drive shaft parts and decreases the harmonic vibration during the motion of the car.


The rear-drive vehicles and front engine vehicles also have tubes. It uses to maintain the position or placement of the rear end during the braking and acceleration process.

Slip Yoke

The slip yoke directly connects with the drive shaft via a universal joint. This yoke slides inward and outward of the transfer case to deliver the power. A tube yoke also requires to successfully rotating the driveshaft and U-joint.

Tubular Shaft

The length of this shaft varies according to the shaft distance from the gearbox. A short tubular shaft uses for front-wheel drive, and a long tubular shaft uses for rear-wheel drive and.

Agricultural Drive Shafts

Automotive Drive Shafts

Heavy Duty Driveshafts

The main purpose of the drive or prop shaft is to transmit the torque of the engine from the differential or gearbox to the vehicle wheels. In addition, any changes in angle or length caused by manipulation or deflection must be compensated for in order to ensure excellent synchronization between the shaft joints.
Working of Drive Shaft?

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Drive Shaft Features

The position of the driveshaft changes according to the car model and configurations of the car front-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and front-engine rear-drive. Many other vehicles such as boats, locomotives, motorcycles, trucks, and vans also have prop shafts.

These shafts have a different number of prismatic joints, leaf joints, universal joints, or jaw couplings to enable change in distance and alignment between drive and driving parts.

Cardan shafts allow torque to be transmitted across a greater angle.

Cardan Drive Shaft

The Front drive shaft is designed with a smaller diameter.

Front Drive Shaft

The rear driveshaft found underneath the body of the vehicle.

Rear Drive Shaft


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