IKO made in China – replacement parts – #100-4 Quad Strand Cottered Roller Chain in Gorakhpur India High Precision Needle Roller Bearings for Auto Motorcycle Accessories with ce certificate top quality low price

IKO  made in China - replacement parts -  #100-4 Quad Strand Cottered Roller Chain in Gorakhpur India  High Precision Needle Roller Bearings for Automobile Motorbike Components with ce certification prime good quality minimal price

We – EPG Group the biggest Chain and agricultural gearbox factory in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more details: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

More importantly, we make specific components in accordance to equipped drawings/samples and warmly welcome OEM inquiries. manufacturing facility With several years’ experience in these strains, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our advantages in aggressive pricing, on-time shipping, prompt responses, on-hand engineering help and excellent right after-revenue companies. of roller chains. Conveyor chains, engineered chains, silent chains, and tabletop chains are also available. Other electrical power transmission items contain pillow blocks, conveyor idlers, conveyor pulleys, generate shafts, gear racks, equipment reducers, gears, overrunning clutches, motor bases, pulleys, screw conveyors, shaft couplings, sheaves, pace reducers, sprockets, tapered bushings, tensioners, torque limiters, and universal joints. Services such as bearing reconditioning and mend, ball screw repair, personalized agreement machining, gearbox mend and overrunning clutch mend providers are obtainable. Roller chains can be utilized in conveyor and equipment manufacturing, industrial processing, device rebuilding, waste h2o, sand and gravel, tool and die, steel, metals and scrap processing industrial purposes. industrial parts which includes roller chains. Roller chains are offered in standard, nickel plated & stainless metal materials in pitch dia. ranging from 1/4 in. to 3 in. Sorts incorporate leaf chains in lacing configurations ranging from 2 x 2 to 8 x 8. Leaf chains are accessible in pitch sizes ranging from 1/2 in. to 2 in., pin dia. ranging from .156 in. to .687 in. & tensile strengths ranging from 4,000 lbs. to 156,000 lbs. Applications contain agricultural, conveyors, drilling, electronics assembly, foodstuff processing, fork elevate trucks, hoists, packaging & textile machinery.

Distributor distributes OEM Needle Roller Bearings

     Needle bearing is a bearing with cylindrical rollers. The rollers are slim and long relative to their diameter.This sort of roller is named a needle roller.Though has a small cross-segment, bearing still has higher load potential, needle bearing with fantastic and extended roller (roller diameter D 5 mm or significantly less, acuity 2.5 L/D, L) for the roller duration, so the radial structure is compact, its diameter and load capacity at the same time, with EPT types of bearing outside diameter to a minimum, specially ideal for the constrained size of the radial installation supporting framework.


Product identify: Distributor of IKO Needle Roller Bearing 
Content: Bearing Metal
Attribute: High precision, reduced noise, prolonged life
Package: Plastic luggage /Single box + outer carton box+ pallets
Software: Broadly utilised in Automobile: +86~13083988828s, rolling mills, mines, metallurgy, plastic machinery, and EPT industries
1. The bearings inside shall be retained dustproof
      2. The operating temperature shall be no increased than rated functioning temperature
        3. The bearings shall be used acid-totally free surroundings
four. The bearings shall be held in relative humidity underneath 60% 
5. The bearings shall be dealt with gently, staying away from falling, knocking or hitting it
6. The bearings shall be set up evenly


one.Our firm was started in 2006, 14 several years of wealthy encounter helps make us more specialist.We promise to provide you with the mo EPT competitive price and the be EPT merchandise.

2. The firm has a number of high-top quality design and style, processing, manufacturing and screening technology engineering technological crew, superior gear, advanced technological innovation, and imported parts, from ZheJiang , Germany imports, can generate large-quality machine tools.The company has a professional r & d team and right after-income service staff, you purchase substantial-finish items, we do is quality service.

three. The firm has an computerized generation line, which guarantees unified solution top quality, decreases cost, shortens shipping time and improves manufacturing effectiveness.

4. The bearings created by the company have higher precision, higher speed, tiny put on, provider lifestyle, stHangZhourd dimensions, compact structure and fa EPT managing velocity.The firm has been awarded”China 3.15 integrity enterprises”, “China famous brand goods”,”good quality inspection national stHangZhourds experienced goods” and EPT nationwide authoritative certificates.Acquired a number of nationwide patents, turn out to be the domesticleading enterprises.


Shaft Diameter open    Mass Shut   Mass
mm Current Substituted g Current Substituted g
4 HK0408TN 37941/4 1.six BK0408TN 35941/four one.eight
five HK0509 47941/5 2 BK0509 45941/five two.one
six HK0607 27941/six one.8
  HK0608 37941/6 two.one BK0608 35941/six two.two
  HK0609 47941/6 2.2 BK0609 45941/6 2.6
  HK06×12×08   2.five
7 HK0709 47941/7 2.3 BK0709 45941/seven 2.nine
eight HK0808 37941/eight two.7 BK0808 35941/eight three
  HK571 57941/8 three BK571 55941/eight three.4
  HK08×14×10 27942/eight 5.35 BK08×14×10 25941/8 5.8
  HK08×14×12 37942/eight 6.six
nine HK0908 37941/nine three BK0908 35941/9 three.4
  HK571 57941/nine 4 BK571 55941/nine 4.three
  HK571 67941/nine four.6 BK571 65941/nine four.9
  HK09×15×10 27942/9 5.6
10 HK1571 57941/10 four.one BK1571 55941/ten 4.3
  HK1012 67941/10 four.eight BK1012 65941/10 5
  HK1015 six BK1015 six.2
twelve HK1208 37941/12 three.three
  HK1210 57941/twelve four.six BK1210 55941/12 5.2
  HK1212 67941/12 5.six BK1212 65941/twelve six.two
13 HK1312 8.9 BK1312 eleven.2
14 HK1410 27941/fourteen eight.three BK1412 35941/fourteen 12.one
  HK1412 37941/fourteen 10.five 12.2
  HK1416 57941/14 thirteen.9 12.five
15 HK15×20×12 7941/15 8.four
  HK15×20×16 7942/15 11.four
  HK15×20×20 7943/15 thirteen.8
  HK1512 37941/15 11.1 BK1512 35941/fifteen 12.7
  HK1514 47941/fifteen 12.seven twelve.9
  HK1515 fourteen.2 13
  HK1516 57941/fifteen fifteen BK1516 55941/fifteen 16.five
  HK1522 SZ-439 20.4 BK1522 22
  HK15×22×12 7948/15 12.five
sixteen HK16×21×09 seven.five
  HK1612 37941/16 11.seven BK1612 35941/16 thirteen.8
  HK1614 47941/16 fourteen.four
  HK1616 57941/sixteen 15.8 BK1616 55941/16 17.six
  HK1617 SZ-435 eighteen
  HK1622 87941/16 21.seven BK1622 85941/16 23.four
17 HK1712 37941/17 twelve.2 BK1712 35941/17 14.5
  HK1714 7941/17 fourteen
  HK1716 57941/seventeen fifteen.nine
  HK1718 7942/17 19
18 HK1812 37941/eighteen thirteen.1 BK1812 35941/18 14.9
  HK1816 57941/eighteen 17.5 BK1816 55941/eighteen 19.9
19 HK19×27×16 TA1916 23
20 HK2571 27941/20 11.eight BK2571 25941/twenty fourteen
  HK2012 37941/20 fourteen.4 BK2012 35941/20 16.7
  HK2014 47941/twenty 15.seven
  HK2016 57941/20 19.three BK2016 55941/twenty 22.three
  HK2018 67941/twenty 23.3
  HK2571 79421/twenty 24.one BK2571 75941/twenty 27.one
  HK2571 7943/20 28
  HK2030 34.7 BK2030 37.four
  HK20×28×16 47942/20 28.five
22 HK2210 27941/22 twelve.3
  HK2212 37941/22 fifteen BK2212 35941/22 eighteen.1
  HK2216 57941/22 twenty.9 BK2216 55941/22 24.three
  HK2220 77941/22 26.two BK2220 75941/22 29.9
  HK2230 32
25 HK2512 27941/25 twenty BK2512 25941/25 23.2
  HK2514 37941/25 21.nine
  HK2516 7941/twenty five 27.3 BK2516 7941/25 31
  HK2518 57941/twenty five 28.2
  HK2520 67941/25 34.1 BK2520 65941/25 38.7
  HK2525 7943/25 forty
  HK2526 44.eight BK2526 49
  HK2538 87941/twenty five 64.seven BK2538 85941/twenty five sixty nine
  HK25×35×20 57942/25 44.9
28 HK2816 47941/28 thirty.one BK2816 45941/28 34.one
  HK2818 57941/28 31.7
  HK2820 67941/28 37.6 BK2820 65941/28 forty three
30 HK3012 27941/30 24 BK3012 25941/thirty 27.9
  HK3016 47941/thirty 32 BK3016 45941/thirty 37.1
  HK3018 57941/30 33.six
  HK3571 67941/thirty 40.1 BK3571 65941/thirty forty six.5
  HK3026 fifty two.nine BK3026 59.four
  HK3038 76.1 BK3038 82.five
  HK30×38×12 27941/30 28
  HK30×38×16 7941/thirty 32.7
  HK30×38×24 7942/thirty 49
  HK30×38×32 7943/30 69
32 HK3224 77941/32 fifty.7
  HK3232 97941/32 66.four
  HK32×40×32 7943/32 seventy two.seven
35 HK3512 59741/35 27.seven BK3512 25941/35 32.nine
  HK3516 47941/35 36.nine BK3516 45941/35 forty three.8
  HK3520 67941/35 forty six.1 BK3520 65941/35 fifty four.eight
  HK35×43×16 7941/35 37
  HK35×43×25 7942/35 sixty.five
  HK35×43×32 7943/35 eighty
38 HK38×48×30 102
forty HK4012 27941/forty 31.one BK4012 25941/forty 38.two
  HK4016 47941/forty 41.4 BK4015 45941/40 51
  HK4571 67941/40 fifty one.8 BK4571 65941/forty sixty two
  HK40×50×32 7942/40 114.3
  HK40×50×38 7943/forty a hundred thirty.8
45 HK4512 27941/forty five 34.eight BK4512 25941/forty five forty five
  HK4516 47941/45 46.two BK4516 45941/forty five 56
  HK4520 67941/45 56 BK4520 65941/45 seventy two
  HK5012 27941/fifty 44.2
  HK5571 47941/fifty seventy two BK5571 55941/fifty 87.three
  HK5571 7943/50 90.1 BK5571 5943/50 109
fifty five HK5520 57941/fifty five 78 BK5571 ninety three.eight
  HK5525 77941/fifty five 109 55941/fifty five
  HK5528 87941/fifty five 111 BK5528 84941/sixty 132
60 HK6012 forty nine.2 BK6012 seventy seven
  HK6571 57941/sixty 86 BK6571 55941/60 one hundred and five

Our Advantages

    1.Entire world-Course Bearing  
We offer our clients with all kinds of indigenous bearing with planet-course high quality.
    two.OEM or Non-Stand Bearings
     Any necessity for NonstHangZhourd bearings is Simply Fulfilled by us thanks to its va EPT expertise and links in the business.
    three. Authentic goods With EPT Good quality
The organization has always proved the 100% top quality products it gives with legitimate intent.
    four. Right after Product sales Provider and Technical Assistance
         The firm offers soon after-income provider and complex guidance as for each the customer’s demands and requirements.
    five. Rapid Supply
         The company supplies just-in-time delivery with its streamlined supply chain. 

Questions and Solutions

     Q: Are you a trading business or manufacturer?    
    A: We are a factory.
    Q: How long is your supply time?
    A: Normally it is 5-10 times if the goods are in stock. or it is fifteen-twenty days if the items are not in stock, it is according to amount.
    Q: Do you give samples ? is it free or further?
    A: Of course, we could offer you the sample for totally free charge but do not spend the co EPT of freight.
    Q: What are your conditions of payment?

    A: Payment=1000USD, thirty% T/T in advance ,harmony ahead of shippment.            


You should come to feel free of charge to get in touch with us, if you have any EPT queries!


The use of authentic equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) component numbers or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our organization and the listed replacement components contained herein are not sponsored, authorized, or created by the OEM.

IKO  made in China - replacement parts -  #100-4 Quad Strand Cottered Roller Chain in Gorakhpur India  Large Precision Needle Roller Bearings for Auto Motorcycle Equipment with ce certificate leading high quality lower value

IKO  made in China - replacement parts -  #100-4 Quad Strand Cottered Roller Chain in Gorakhpur India  Substantial Precision Needle Roller Bearings for Automobile Bike Add-ons with ce certification top high quality lower price tag

IKO  made in China - replacement parts -  #100-4 Quad Strand Cottered Roller Chain in Gorakhpur India  Large Precision Needle Roller Bearings for Auto Bike Add-ons with ce certification leading quality lower value

IKO  made in China - replacement parts -  #100-4 Quad Strand Cottered Roller Chain in Gorakhpur India  Higher Precision Needle Roller Bearings for Auto Motorbike Accessories with ce certification top top quality low value

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